How to reduce/stop Pollution!!!

Everywhere you turn, it seems there is some sort of pollution in the air. It could be water have cars zooming down the highway and factories making us the simple things that we take for granted. But those simple things are causing our world so much: the greenhouse effect. The GHE is where sun rays bounce into our atmosphere. When they get there, they bounce off the earth, but by doing so, the greenhouse gases trap them in our world. Hence, the planet heats up. This causes considerable damage. So help stop pollution. You can help from polluting by taking a trash bag when you go on a walk and pick up all the trash you see.

  1. Learn more. This article is a little foretaste, but not enough to really give you the facts and details. go to your library, surf the web for articles, and if you can talk to people that know more about it than you. These will all help you have a better understanding. 
  2. Think small. Recycle, in the winter and summer adjust your thermostat just by 2 degrees. Plant a tree. Turn off your lights when you leave a room. All these little things can save thousands of pounds of carbon.
  3. Speak out! Tell people about what you know...nobody is going to do it for you! Two heads are better than one. Write an article for your school newspaper. put up signs around your neighborhood! Do whatever you can to get it out there. You and your friends might start a group that meets once a week. You can discuss issues and what you can do to help it. Also doing a speech with anything to do with it can really get the word out.
  4. Stop using paper towels and other disposable items!
  5. Only use your car when you need to.

  • When you do things to help, don't rush into it. Take your time. Start small. First, do little things like reminding yourself to take the canvass bags when you go to the grocery store, and to take the plastic thermos when you get coffee at Starbucks. They'll even charge you less! Einstein wasn't born incredibly smart and famous. Start small and see where that leads you. You'll never know. You could also recycle so that more things are not made that are not needed. If you're stressed and feel like everything is on your shoulders... eat an orange, and roll up your sleeves once in a while. plant a tree do anything to help save this and stop pollution and don't forget to GO GREEN!!